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Professor Man-Yee Kan will participate in the Association for Asian Studies Conference 2024 in in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This panel delves into the critical needs, challenges, and policy implications associated with care provision and the domestic division of labour in Southeast Asian societies grappling with declining fertility rates and an aging population. The countries and societies under investigation include Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Drawing from both quantitative and qualitative approaches, this panel presents five research papers that illuminate various facets of these intricate issues.

First, Kan, Yoda and Jun, by analysing large-scale time diary data, examine how marriage and parenthood have been associated with the gendered division of paid work and domestic work at fertility age women and men in East Asian countries over the last three decades, and how the time use trends of East Asia are different from those of European and Anglophone countries. Second, Teerawichitchainan employs mixed methods to investigate the long-term care needs of never married men and women and childless married couples of the older population in Thailand. Third, Wang uses both quantitative and qualitative data to examine the implications of employing migrant Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong on the development and well-being of children in Hong Kong and those left behind in Indonesia. Fourth, by analysing survey data, Chen, Yip and Zhou explore socioeconomic and demographic factors behind the declining fertility in Hong Kong. Finally, based on mixed methods, Tan and Gan investigate issues related to the intersectionality of gender, intergenerational relationships, and ethnicity in child care provision among multi-ethnic and multigenerational families in Malaysia.

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