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Dr. Grace Chang presented her work at the European Population Conference 2024

Dr. Grace Chang was excited to present her work at the European Population Conference in Edinburgh this June 2024, funded by the GenTime ERC project. She presented her research on how UK Millennials' housing arrangements (such as living alone, as lone parents, with partners only, in a nuclear family, or with other adults) are associated with their financial and emotional well-being. Using the first wave of the UK Generations and Gender Survey,

Dr. Chang compared different groups and showed that individuals living alone, lone parents, and those living with other adults had higher probabilities of reporting financial difficulties and loneliness.

Nevertheless, even though women were more likely to be lone mothers and take on a greater financial burden, she found no significant gender differences.

Overall, the conference was a great place to reflect on discussions around the complexity of living arrangements today, such as trajectories of singlehood, living apart together, and our ability to capture more ‘hidden’ burdens of household arrangements.

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